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Ride Dude Lube

All Ride products are designed for dudes, and are created to keep you in the saddle. Saddle Up, Ya'll!

Ride Dude Lube Silicone

Ride Silicone is the true gold standard. Incorporating Sliquid's proprietary blend of medical grade silicone, only thicker, this lubricant will stay slick... period. It's 100% waterproof, and keeps you in the Saddle all night.

Ride Dude Lube Water Based

While waterproof is wonderful, water based has it's merits as well. Ride Water Based is a super thick water based gel, and will stay where it is put. No runs, no drips, no mess. This lube is easy to clean up, and will never stain those silky sheets, or the hay in the barn.

Ride Dude Lube Silk

Dude Lube Silk is a hybrid formula, perfect when you want a little more longevity than a water based lubricant, but don't have time for the clean up required of a silicone lubricant. Silk is made with 12% silicone and emollient esters, which gives it a luxurious creamy texture.

Ride Rub Stroke Oil

Ride Rub is the ideal companion for those long nights when you're solo on the trail. Sliquid's proprietary blend of natural nut and seed oils are infused with silicone, creating the perfect formula for taking matters into your own hands.

Ride Razor Shave Cream

Ride Razor is an all body shave cream. Formulated 100% lanolin free, Ride Razor blends in Mango and Shea Butters, alongside Green Tea Extracts and Aloe Vera to soothe your skin and soften coarse body hair, and is available in two invigorating scents.

Ride Rock Delay Spray

Ride Rock Delay Spray is a benzocaine based male desensitizer, created to enhance men's stamina and prolong the joys of intimate relations.

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    Ride Razor Shave Cream